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Volunteer Corner

It's Time to Glow

Our organization simply would not exist without the support and dedication of our volunteers.  We are always seeking new volunteers to join our team and lend a helping hand.  Check out our website for more information on getting involved.

Dates - TBD




We are in need of volunteers to grow the snack bar and maintain the fields.

We will be requiring a commitment of 3 hours of volunteer work from each parent or caretaker.  

  • A post dated check in the amount of $100 will be required at the start of the season and returned should the hours be completed. If not, the check will be deposited at the conclusion of the season.

Volunteer Requirements


Post Dated Check & Mail

PO Box 657

Vineburg, CA 95487

Post Date: May 31, 2023


Sonoma Girls Softball Association 


Please reach out to the volunteer coordinator if you have any questions. 

Laura Decker
SVGSA Volunteer Coordinator

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