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Volunteers Needed!



 Please help support our association by volunteering your time at our weekly snack bar. Click the date below to sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do. Thank you for volunteering!











Please reach out to the volunteer coordinator if you have any questions. 

Lisa Lai

Volunteer Requirements:

We are in need of volunteers to grow the snack bar and maintain the fields.

We will be requiring a commitment of 3 hours of volunteer work from each parent or caretaker.  

A post dated check in the amount of $100 will be required at the start of the season and returned should the hours be completed. If not, the check will be deposited at the conclusion of the season.

Payment Options:

Post Dated Check can be mailed to: 

PO Box 657

Vineburg, CA 95487

Post Date: May 31, 2023


Sonoma Girls Softball Association 


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