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Sonoma Girls Softball Association


Recreation Season FAQ

Is experience needed for my daughter to play?

No experience is needed in order to play recreation softball. We encourage all girls who want to come and play, to do so. 

Do we have to buy all new equipment if this is our first year playing?

As a league, we don't want any child to be turned away from playing because of the cost of equipment. We will be happy to provide any equipment that is needed in order for all girls to have a successful season.

What does my daughter need to start the season?

  • Helmet (Coaches Have Extras)
  • Glove
  • Bat (Coaches Have Extras)
  • Softball Cleats

We want our daughter to play but we can't afford the registration?

Registration is $50 for the 2024 season. We want every girl to have the opportunity to play softball.  

**Scholarships Available upon request.**

Here are some links to learn more about the game the rules, the equipment used and how to choose the right equipment.

Softball Rules

The History of Softball

How to Choose the Right Equipment

Glove and Ball

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